Media attention

Interview in Crazy Wisdom Journal

Last fall, I was interviewed in the Crazy Wisdom Journal (CW is a local bookstore and hub for local healing arts), and the interview was recently published. Like all written materials, things have changed slightly since it was written, but it’s mostly up to date. It’s pretty in-depth and long, but I don’t think it’s too boring to finish.
For people who want to get a better idea of my philosophy of health care, this is a good read.
Also, for people who like to nitpick, there is a small error on page 44 (don’t worry, it starts on page 42: it’s not
that long) where I said “disease sensitivities” instead of “food sensitivities”.
In any event, it is a decent read and the PDF can be found by clicking here (the article starts on page 42):
The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Malcolm Sickels MD, or if you’d like to read it in your browser, click here for the flip book.

The Triple Crown and then some

I was just getting ready to announce that I had achieved the Triple Crown of physician recognition (featured in Hour Detroit’s Top Docs issue, appearing on TV, and the Patients’ Choice Award) when a got a Google alert that I am the runner-up in the Current Reader’s Choice Awards for “Place to get alternate healthcare”. (Yes, half of these spelled my name wrong: Malcolm Sickel and Malcolm Sickles, but it’s not a big deal.)
So let’s recap:
Hour Detroit, an oversized glossy of all things fabulous around Detroit, starts the ball rolling by featuring me as the first holistic physician ever in their magazine.
Fox News Detroit, the big local TV station, has me come in for a spot on their morning news.
3., the main website that scores doctors, gives me the Patients’ Choice award for doctors who have “received near-perfect scores as voted by patients.”
Current, Ann Arbor’s monthly newspaper of events and all things hip, has an annual reader survey and in the category for “best place to get alternate healthcare” (which I didn’t know existed), I get the runner-up position after Castle Remedies, a great retail store for homeopathics and supplements. The fact that I landed first place after a retail shop that gets a lot more traffic than I do is quite flattering.
Of course, I must give credit to the
Crazy Wisdom Journal for featuring me first back in 2006. A nice way to get the ball rolling.
thank you to everyone who has put their faith in me and voted for me. I’m honored. A friend of my brother’s said that I should write a book, but I’m already pretty busy. Maybe if I had a better idea of what people wanted to read...

Featured on Fox 2 news

I was featured in the Fox 2 morning news yesterday for being the “centerfold” of Hour Detroit’s “Top Docs” issue. You can see my 3:40 of fame on Fox Detroit’s website.

Top Docs issue!

This October’s Hour Detroit magazine is their 9th annual Top Docs issue, and I’m not only in it (the first and only holistic doctor), but there’s a two-page spread about me. Go and read the article here (where you can leave comments), or get the ready-to-print (and ad-free) version here. You can bet I’m sending a copy to my parents.

On the cover of Crazy Wisdom Journal

Three local holistic doctors and I are on the cover of the Crazy Wisdom Journal that came out last month (May-August 2006, #33). The article is called, "Interviews with the Next Generation of Holistic Physicians," but it isn't available online. You can see the cover picture at the Crazy Wisdom Journal's front page. There should still be copies of the journal at Crazy Wisdom, but I've run out long ago at my office.
-update- I found the article online, but who knows how long it will remain. Get it here:
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