New Patients

Welcome! We do have space in our practice for new patients and would be happy to see you, though there may be a wait to get in for that first appointment, particularly to see dr. Sickels.

call us to set up an appointment. We now require a deposit before making an appointment (please see here for an explanation). We’ll take a credit card over the phone, or send in a check (with your name, address and phone number) and we’ll call you when it arrives. The deposits are fully refundable if you cancel your appointment 5 business days before your appointment, and your deposit can be used to pay for your visit, co-pay, and/or supplements once you keep your appointment.

Bring your driver's license and
insurance card to the first appointment, as well as a list of any medications and supplements (with the dosages) you are currently taking. Bringing in the actual bottles can also be quite helpful (since the many brand names out there can make it difficult to tell exactly what is in the bottle).

Some patients have found it helpful to write down concerns they have about their health. This ensures we do address them together.

Old medical records can be extremely useful for continuity and guiding medical treatment, so please have your records sent to us. We have forms for this you can print out and use on our
Forms page.

Please note: we have many chemically sensitive people in our office, so please refrain from wearing scents (colognes, perfumes, etc.) when coming to the office.

Also, be aware that we do have
dogs in the office.
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