Functional Medicine

Advancing medical knowledge means more than new drugs. As science uncovers more about how the body works, the influences of the environment on health become more clear, as do the biochemical pathways that restore health. Between genetics and environmental inputs, a patient's ability to repair and maintain the body is easily compromised. Functional Medicine treats illness and promotes wellness by working with each patient's unique biochemistry to tailor interventions and restore balance. We work with the patient on lifestyle changes, medications, and supplements: there are many different ways of addressing functionality.

In addition, I am careful to only use preservative-free solutions for IVs and injectables where available. While there is debate about how bad they are, I use the precautionary principle and avoid them. Many of these need to compounded and recent legislation makes it more difficult to keep adequate supplies on-hand and more expensive, which we do our best to deal with.
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