Getting to the office from I-94 heading east or M-14
Here are pictures of how to get to the office from I-94 heading east (from Jackson, etc.) or from the north (coming down US-23, turn onto M-14 west, which dumps you on to I-94 heading west). In either case, you will get off at Zeeb Road and turn south on Zeeb.
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After getting off the highway at Zeeb road and heading south, you'll see this sign at Jackson road. You want to go east, so turn right on Jackson and then make a U-turn right away (in front of Meijer).


You are now facing the other direction (east) on Jackson and are about to cross Zeeb road.


2 miles after Zeeb, this used car dealer will be on your right. You will turn right immediately after this.


Here's the sign for Parkland Plaza, where you are turning right.


The second right on Parkland Plaza is Little Lake Drive, turn here.


The second driveway on the right has this big rock: turn in here, 210 Little Lake drive.


My office is in the second building in the middle...



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